Our mission is to create and nurture an environment where we have aligned ourselves with the principles and values of those that matter most – our clients. It is about loving our clients, not our products, and doing anything and everything to serve them better.

In a world where we are constantly faced with daily distractions, oftentimes fed misinformation and misguidance without knowing what to believe, ALG Mortgage aims to make the mortgage process as cost effective and transparent as possible while maintaining the highest level of service. We do this by providing accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis, and sound mortgage and financial advice, while continually exploring new ideas and technology to make the mortgage process smooth and simple.

We make a few promises to those that we help and to ourselves. We will be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today. We believe that every human being has enormous life potential and we seek to reach our own potential.

How do we achieve these goals? Every day we make it our mission to live by our core values as a reminder of our daily focus.

Meet the Team

Core Values

Excellence through Masterful Expertise

As experts focused solely on the mortgage industry, it is our one and only job to provide clients unbiased advice to find the best loan option for them and do our best to close it on time at the lowest costs. That’s it. We have no other bank products to cross-sell! Clients may find themselves being sold checking and savings accounts, CDs, mutual funds, auto loans, and other financial products at their local bank. With a finite amount of time available to us all, we believe that focusing on “the one thing” is truly the only way to become a master and achieve excellence.

Smartly Efficient

Because we only specialize in mortgage lending, it is not a surprise that we are able to develop specific systems that maximize the latest cutting-edge technologies in the mortgage industry combined with specialized mortgage law know-how and stay ahead of the curve, closing loans in an average of just 15 days. And because of our efficiency, lower overhead cost model, and access to wholesale rates nationwide, we get this all done at the absolute lowest costs possible for our clients. Compare this to mega bank lenders with tons of retail overhead costs, causing a bloated markup of their rates, layers and layers of management to go through for approvals throughout the process, and it’s no wonder they are taking on average 40 to 45 days to close a mortgage loan.

Innovating Constantly

Our goal to provide the most modern, smooth, and efficient mortgage process for our clients starts with our burning desire to constantly test and implement the latest and greatest technology available. In the end, all companies essentially have access to the same technology and tools in the market, but without a keen understanding of the mortgage industry and its processes, those tools are just that on their own – tools. It is a combination of our masterful expertise and ability to develop and implement our own proprietary systems around these available technology tools that truly sets us apart from the crowd and delivers an outstanding and positively unforgettable client experience every single time.

Doing the Right Thing with Unbiased Commitment

Our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee wholeheartedly puts our clients’ interests first, because it’s just the right thing to do. Our compliant and transparent experience throughout the entire mortgage process regarding rates and costs, our qualifications and compensation, and possible conflicts of interest, is fully disclosed and integrated with our cutting-edge technology. This is further enhanced by the fact that by design we remain independent from any bank or non-bank mortgage lender, to give clients confidence that we truly are making decisions in their best interest – never our own. Contrast this with the fact that the bank is stuck only being able to provide its own potentially limited range of offerings, and the smarter choice becomes clear.

Committed Teamwork and Positively Fun

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or Sally a dull girl)!” Our founding team realizes the essence of this statement and strives to create a positive business environment that not only operates like a well-oiled machine, but one that is fun for our clients to experience and motivating for our trusted employees and partners to thrive in. We encourage open-minded discussion among our team to continuously support our mission of firm progression and daily improvement. We invite those of you who are reading this to join us as we embark on this great journey.