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If you are a Realtor®, financial professional, attorney, accountant, insurance or other professional services provider, contact us to review all the benefits of establishing a mutually beneficial referral relationship together as part of our partnership opportunities program.

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No matter what your client’s situation, we’ll review the case extensively and provide options or work on specific mortgage planning.

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Residential & Commercial
  • Exclusive tiers with increasing marketing benefits for top partners.
  • Customized agent benefits that help close more deals and simplify the path to success!
  • "Dead deal" revival program is a second chance to help clients and get paid.


Business & Mortgage
  • Non-traditional suite of programs qualify using bank statements, P&Ls, or even off existing assets.
  • Give your borrowers with less than 680 FICO options, including FHA as low as 500 FICO.
  • 5% down jumbo with no PMI or reserves, foreign national, ITIN only, and conforming interest-only options.


Advisors & Planners
  • Exclusive products designed to give your clients control over their financial future.
  • Debt consolidation options free up monthly cash flow for new investment opportunities.
  • Fully customized options designed to complement individual financial plans.


Real Estate | Bankruptcy | Divorce
  • Options for home ownership just 1 day out of bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale.
  • Help clients move on with special mortgage options for divorces.
  • Database marketing program puts you in front of your own clients and drives referrals.


  • Options to help clients maximize write-offs and still qualify for a big mortgage loan.
  • Bank Statement and P&L programs that don't require tax returns or 4506-T.
  • Zero involvement other than communicating this option. Your clients can have it both ways!


Business | Life & Health | P&C
  • Corporate sponsorship incentives and community reinvestment program for your existing corporate clients.
  • P&C partners can get approved with us to receive exclusive quoting opportunities with our mortgage clients.
  • Database marketing program puts you in front of your own clients and drives referrals.


Residential & Commercial
  • Offer buyers a low wholesale rate plus fewer closing costs paid out-of-pocket.
  • One-Time Close options available for financing land, construction, and permanent mortgage with as little as 3.5% down.
  • 180-day rate-lock options with no Certificate of Occupancy needed on conventional loans.